Album Review | OMEGA LITHIUM - Dreams In Formaline (English)

Released: 18th September 2009
Genre: Gothic/Industrial Metal
I must say, I'm quite impressed. Omega Lithium are a relatively young band that has won me over immediately after one song. This album is on my wish list since months. Now what's behind it and why the croatian band is worth listening to, I'll explain below.

With not much fanfare and too complex melodies Omega Lithium is bringing an above-average album on the market. Apart from the excellent production the band impresses with catchy melodies, relatively deep singing (in this genre) of the singer Mya Mortensen, whose voice, unlike other ladies in metal, really relaxes me, just as with well used background vocals of guitarist Malice Rime, whose vocal qualities are almost at the same level of the lead singer.
The guitar cracks properly with electric melody lines. The drums support the songs well without annoying me. If I don't like the drums, then it's over. The whole album deals with an interesting topic, which I'll read more about in the near future. But for the ones who know what formaline is, it is probably pretty easy to figure out what the main theme of the album ist. The mood this music builds up really approves me.

Until now, everything is ok. Point deduction there is the fact that the songs sound pretty similar. In addition, the whole presentation is very keyboard-heavy. The singer can not convince with an outstanding voice. Sure I 've heard better ... but for this band, for her age at the time of 2009 and the genre, it is enough. And besides, the voice itself is also very pleasant.
What I like so much is this uniqueness. Any band that does its own thing and which creates something new initially has weaknesses. Think of Nightwish, of Amaranthe . They didn't think of another band while they wrote music. And I have the same feeling with Omega Lithium. They crack, they have recognition value
, the songs stay in your head and headbanging also works.
If you like industrial, you should listen to this album. The band has earned full eight points with it.

Rating: 8/10
Highlights: Infest, Nebula, Hollow March