INTERVIEW with ELECTRIC LITANY - Experimental rock with a melancholy note

The name of the band already tells us that it's all about electric music. Electric Litany are playing experimental rock sounding rich in variety owing to synthesizers and various effects.
I had the chance to do an interview with the band about their new album "Enduring Days You Will Overcome". My questions were answered by drummer Richard Simic.
Below you can find general information about the band and the new album, which has been produced by no other than Alan Parsons.

Living Music Blog: "How did everything begin with the band and what is the idea behind ELECTRIC LITANY?"
Electric Litany: "The band started back in 2007 when Alexandros and Richard met via an advert.
We started rehearsing in an old pub in North East London soon after. There is no hidden message within the name of the band and has much less significance than the music we create."

Living Music Blog: "What do you want to express with your music and lyrics, which themes are the most important for your songwriting?"
Electric Litany: "Freedom and memory are recurring themes within our music. Somehow we have a nostalgic element to our songs. When we play live our intention is to make people forget where they are."

Living Music Blog: "The new album sounds more experimental and modern than your debut. Did you do something differently than before when you were writing the songs?"
Electric Litany: "We had more time. The first album was recorded in three days and this one was recorded in three months. We also had more time to rehearse and each member explore his own interests, whether that be a new instrument or experimenting with samples etc."

Living Music Blog: "Which bands and artist from which genres are your biggest influences for your music?"
Electric Litany: "This would vary according to the member. Collectively we enjoy bands such as The Cure, Radiohead, Neil Young, Magnetic Fields but of course we don't all share the exact same taste in music."

Living Music Blog: "Alan Parsons produced your latest album “Enduring Days You Will Overcome” and you also toured with THE ALAN PARSONS LIVE PROJECT last summer. How is it like to work with Parsons?"
Electric Litany: "Surreal yet encouraging. He has been extremely supportive both in the studio and on tour and his advice has helped the band tremendously. For a band of our size to have one of worlds greatest producers backing us is wonderful."

Living Music Blog: "What are your plans for the upcoming year? Any gigs or festivals confirmed?"
Electric Litany: "We are in discussions now with booking agents and we will reveal more as soon as we know. We are all. We are excited to present the new album on a stage finally."

Living Music Blog: "What are your goals for the future?" 
Electric Litany: "To keep playing music to those who wish to hear it and also keep making the music we enjoy."




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